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Oregon is 295miles (475km) north to south at longest distance, and 395miles (636km) east to west at longest distance. In terms of land and water area, Oregon is the ninth largest state, covering 98,381square miles (254,810km2). The highest point in Oregon is the summit of Mount Hood, at 11,239feet (3,426m), and its lowest point is sea level of the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon coast. Its mean elevation is 3,300feet (1,006m). Crater Lake National Park is the state's only national park and the site of Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the U.S. at 1,943feet (592m). Oregon claims the D River is the shortest river in the world, though the American state of Montana makes the same claim of its Roe River. Oregon is also home to Mill Ends Park (in Portland), the smallest park in the world at 452square inches (0.29m2). Oregon's geographical center is farther west than any of the other 48 contiguous states (although the westernmost point of the lower 48 states is in Washington).

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